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Loyalty and accumulation of points

Loyalty is a marketing concept that refers to the loyalty of a customer or user, through the purchase of products or services on a regular basis; these regular buyers become spokespersons and promoters of the brand, through a solid bond that remains over time.

Customer loyalty is key to the survival of the company and is directly related to their level of satisfaction, both with the product or service and with the purchase experience, which is why more and more organizations are adding loyalty programs, precisely to generate trust and lasting relationships with their customers.

Today there are many loyalty strategies, among which stand out the loyalty point programs, where permanent buyers are rewarded through a points accumulation system.

These point accumulation systems are based on a simple principle: the more you spend, the more benefits you can obtain, since as the customer makes purchases with the brand, he/she will accumulate points that can be exchanged for new products or services.

To carry out these programs, we work with billing programs, where the points are automatically generated on the receipt of each purchase and are also recorded in the customer’s user profile, which can be accessed through the company’s website; the same site where you can learn about the products or services that can be obtained by collecting a certain number of points.

These point-based customer loyalty programs are a way of obtaining new customers and keeping existing ones who, thanks to the benefits redeemed and their positive experience with the brand, become ambassadors in their close circles, enabling the expansion of the brand.

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