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The informal e-commerce business in Chile has surpassed 360 million dollars

According to a study which measures informal e-commerce in Chile, prepared by the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CNC), 12% of spending carried out on digital platforms in the first trimester of 2022 was informal, reaching the amount of 361 million dollars in the aforementioned period.

The informal e-commerce business

The document published this month in June also details that in a comparison of national platforms versus international platforms, between January and March, 2644 million dollars was spent on national e-commerce, of which 314.7 million was informal. In turn, international portals reached a total of 417 million dollars, with 47.1 million allocated to informal purchases.

“Digital sales platforms continue to expand and with this is the challenge of controlling informal sales which is increasingly made more difficult. 11.1% of the digital transactions in e-commerce are informal, a percentage that rose compared to the end of 2021, in which purchase behavior does not differ much between consumers. Therefore, it is concluded that there is no distinction made at the time of completing their purchase”, explains Bernardita Silva, manager of CNC studies.

In regard to the purchasing preferences of all informal transactions made during the first trimester of 2022, 9% were related to clothing articles, a category which together with beauty, ranked second with 9% of participation. Only the food sector surpassed them both.


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