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Costumer loyalty program for Siemens and its branches


“We are very happy with the flexible rewards platform, it is a well-designed and easy to use platform for the points based free schedule request process. The managers of each area are very happy as it has facilitated the goal of delivering a benefit valued by employees."

Ignacio Requena | Head of Compensation & Rewards | Siemens Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Employee loyalty 

At Zoon Loyalty, we take pride in our commitment to crafting bespoke loyalty solutions that perfectly align with our clients' unique needs. Our partnership with Siemens serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering tailored loyalty programs that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. This relationship began in 2017 with Siemens AG and later expanded to encompass all of its subsidiary companies following their division.


A  Collaborative  Journey

Our journey with Siemens began as a collaborative effort, working hand in hand with their team to design a loyalty program that catered to their specific requirements. This close partnership was instrumental in the development of a platform that seamlessly integrated with Siemens' branding and culture.

The  success  of  our loyalty  program  for Siemens  and  its  branches  can  be attributed  to  its  standout  features


  • Our platform includes a robust time-off management system, simplifying the process of tracking and managing employees' time off requests. This feature not only streamlines administrative tasks but also enhances employee satisfaction.

  • Our platform offers advanced data collection and analysis tools that provide valuable insights into employee behavior and preferences. Siemens can harness this data to make data-driven HR decisions and refine their employee engagement and satisfaction strategies.

  • Siemens employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits system through our platform. This includes a diverse array of rewards and perks, all thoughtfully curated to align with Siemens' corporate objectives and employee preferences.

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Continuous  Evolution  and  Support

One of the hallmarks of our success story is our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. We understand that the business landscape is ever-evolving, and as such, our loyalty platform for Siemens is regularly updated and enhanced to stay ahead of the curve. Our dedicated support team ensures that Siemens and its branches receive prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed.


Branded  Experience

Our loyalty platform isn't just functional; it's an extension of Siemens' brand identity. Every aspect of the platform, from the user interface to the communication materials, resonates with Siemens' branding, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience for employees across all branches.

In conclusion, our journey with Siemens from the initial conceptualization to the ongoing support and improvement of their employee loyalty program is a testament to the power of collaboration, customization, and commitment. Zoon Loyalty is proud to have played a pivotal role in helping Siemens and its branches foster a culture of employee engagement, recognition, and loyalty through our tailored loyalty platform.

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