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Powerful features for successful employee and customer loyalty

As pioneers in loyalty software development, we take pride on foster meaningful connections between individuals, brands, and organizations to create value in human relationships.

Unlock loyalty with our powerful platforms!

Drive retention, reward loyalty, and elevate your business.

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Foster engagement through recognition

Recognition program celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, and the chosen employee of the month, fostering engagement and loyalty.


Rewards & Benefits

Unlock a wide array of rewards and benefits provided by our company for your dedicated employees or incentivize your teams with Tango Cards, a leading rewards integration solution. Discover a Tango catalog featuring discounted products, gift cards, and exclusive company-specific perks.

Platform Branding

Reinforce your
corporate identity

Customize your employee loyalty platform  effortlessly with our branding capabilities.

Make it uniquely yours by adding your company's logo and maintaining a consistent, on-brand look and feel. Elevate your employee experience and reinforce your corporate identity seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction Campaign

Improving Customer Experience 

Enhance customer satisfaction and service quality while rewarding your top-performing employees. 

Sales Campaigns

Boost sales

Sales campaigns play a pivotal role in enhancing both business success and engagement. Fueled by data-driven insights and strategic incentives, these campaigns establish alignment between the goals of the business and the users. This not only drives sales but also cultivates enduring relationships.

Through in-app tailored rewards and point system, businesses can establish a sense of exclusivity and appreciation among their customers and employees, reinforcing loyalty and fostering long-term growth.

User Personalization

Give a personalized experience

Our consulting experience allows us to generate loyalty-designed solutions for every type of industry, which can be executed under.


Surveys are conducted to gather insights by asking users about topics such as family surrounding, transportation, dietary habits, leisure activities, lifestyle factors, vacation planning, biggest expenses, and more.


These questions help create a more personalized and tailored experience for users based on their needs and preferences.

Points System

Engage, reward, and thrive through gamification.

Explore our points system with gamification for a rewarding, interactive experience. Earn points, level up, and unlock exciting rewards

The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with Tango Card, Inc. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.

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