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Digital transformation is key to the supply chain.

Pick&Pack targets your digital transformation strategies in the logistics and intralogistics sector. From February 8 to 10, over 160 experts analyzed strategies and initiatives of the logistics and intralogistics sector.

10 key measurements for accelerating the digital optimization of the health system in Spain.

Cantabria Labs plans to expand its staff to 1,000 employees this year and raise 300 million euros in 2023.

55% of health startups viewed the pandemic as a business opportunity.

If the logistics and intralogistics sector increasingly grew in the past decade due to the e-commerce boom, the pandemic set a new inflection point due to interruptions in the supply chain, changes in consumption patterns and the rapid reaction and adaptation needed on the part of companies.

As the pandemic occurred, supply chain efforts had to be redoubled and become more flexible to meet the volatility of consumption habits. Faced with this situation, the reinvention of business models, digital transformation and the incorporation of new technologies into logistical processes translated into key elements for boosting competitiveness in the industry.

Strategies for addressing the digital transformation in logistics and intralogistics and challenges at the personnel and talent level will be the topics of discussion addressed at the 2022 European Intralogistics Summit, which will take place from February 8 to 10 in Ifema Madrid at the Pick&Pack venue. For three days, the innovation boutique event for professionals seeking solutions in shipping and intralogistics will bring together over 160 experts that will share their experience and success in redefining the supply chain in addition to initiatives for boosting digital transformation in their companies.

Digital and personnel transformation in the logistics sector. In the midst of the challenges arising in the year 2020, it was revealed that many companies were never aware of the necessity to use technology as a valuable resource, which sets accelerated transformation programs in motion.

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