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Reward delivery automation for state-of-the-art Employee Loyalty Programs

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage and motivate their employees, in the shape of loyalty programs. These programs offer a range of incentives to recognize and reward the work of staff members and their role as internal stakeholders, who directly impact the organization’s customer experience². However, the traditional methods for managing and delivering these rewards are no longer cost-effective nor streamlined, given nowadays technology and its automation capabilities for tracking employee performance and delivering rewards accordingly.

Given today’s globalized and digitalized world, in which remote and hybrid work has noticeably increased, as it has proven to be practical for employees and cost-saving for employers³, employee recognition and performance rewards have become digital as well.

A comprehensive software solution for employee loyalty is expected to have at least the following.

  • Automated reward delivery: given an incentive campaign set by the organization, it is imperative to have a system that handles the delivery of rewards to employees who accomplished the goals defined for the campaign (i.e., the ones with best performance), in an accurate and timely way. This can be extended to other mechanisms such as birthday recognition

  • Data-driven insights: dashboard with KPIs from ongoing and historical campaigns.

  • Low-cost: suppress shipping costs for rewards.

Services such as GoGift, TangoCard, or GiftFly eliminate the need for organizations to manage the intricate logistics of purchasing, storing and delivering gift cards to the recipients. Instead, they offer an automated worldwide reward delivery system, which can be integrated within a unified loyalty software solution, in order to grant a state-of-the-art service for planning, executing and overseeing these campaigns. Notably Zoön Loyalty is one such platform that delivers a streamlined experience for implementing sales incentive campaigns, with Points of Sale (POS) integrations for tracking progress of employees, and an automated points-based reward system that allows staff members to obtain rewards from a customizable subset of the catalog from TangoCard, redeemable in a way such that the branding of your business is always visible in the spotlight.

As a result of well-timed acknowledged and rewarded best performing employees, this platform injects motivation into [all] staff and enhances their satisfaction, sense of belonging and retention (i.e., loyalty), thereby enhancing productivity via low-cost automated rewards.

Learn more about this web SaaS employee loyalty technology here.



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