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The customer life cycle has changed

The customer’s trip is no longer linear from knowledge to sale; it now dynamically involves multiple channels and can begin and end without prior notice. Recent research from McKinsey shows that 50% of interactions with customers occur in a trip through multiple events and channels. Engaging the modern customer, who operates in this way, requires more than offering rewards for shopping at the store or entering a loyalty code online. You must now interact with customers at their core and operate within the same fluid dynamics to best satisfy them with relevant contextual messages. Consumers want common experiences both digitally and in person.

The modern consumer lives an omnichannel life, interacting with brands both online and physically. If you are executing a retailer loyalty program and unable to easily connect that information from the physical environment to the online one, you are missing the opportunity to enhance the customer experience. Many brands are ineffective at omni-channel engagement. In a recent CMO Council study, it was found that only 7% of brands provide engagement based on real-time data though online and offline contact points.

The orchestration of data and campaigns must be centralized.

To truly improve the customer experience, visibility of the entire universe of consumer interactions is needed, not just member loyalty programs. This will result in a unique view of the customer which can increase engagement with the whole company, enabling you to provide more comprehensive communication and relevant offers at the necessary time.

The omnichannel customer expects to have relevant interactions with your brand each time, independent of the channel through which he or she is interacting and the time of day. If you truly wish to improve the results of your loyalty program, you must understand this and develop a customer participation strategy that coincides with the reality of behaviors, preferences and the historical interaction of the connected consumer. Only then will you be able to survive and prosper in in an increasingly competitive market.

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